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Father Chains

A short but intimate mini album dedicated to the father of Dominion, founder Doi Porras , A meaningful although short tribute of sorts to the father figures that have molded the few blessed souls in this cruel world.  in parallel lay the song ” drowning inside ” , An ode to an old friend of Doi lost to the feverish hand of drugs and suicide.

The track ‘Black Skies” resumes the yearning of a once warm yesteryear , lost forever in a better time.. a desperate attempt to slow down the hours , but in the end ,the hours turn to years , leaves one wishing to be swallowed by black skies.


Released January 12, 2018
All songs performed by Dominion,
All lyrics written by Doi Porras,

Recorded @ HyperRaje studios San Francisco
recorded & mixed by Chris Mayrena
Post mixed by Paul Casper at the Nameless Place

Dominion is: Doi Porras (Vox) , Dave Jurgens (Drums), Mike Ramos (Guitars) Luis Murillio (Bass) , Ollie Palma ( Synths)

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