New Review by Italy’s Erbadellastrega Zine

Greetings Fiends,


Italian zine Erbadellastrega recently did a mini review on the last EP ” Father Chains”. You might want to check it out here : for our non – Italian speaking friends please activate your browsers translators.

in any case , here is the review in english ,

” New mini-cd for the DOMINION that with “Father Chains” (Subkulture) break a realization silence that lasts for about three years. In reality in this ep the only real news is given by the   live recording of the new “Black Sky” seen the other two tracks, the superb pathos and power “Father Chains” and “Drowning Inside”, were already contained, in version instrumental, in the previous album “Storm” of 2016. An ep of gothic-rock of high lineage that has the only wrong, like all the beautiful things – see October Burns Black-, to last too little. Recommended. Out in limited physical edition by contactingthe band directly .

TRACKLIST: 01 Father Chains; 02 Drowning Inside; 03 Black Sky; 04 Father Chains (Casper Mix).

Mr. Moonlight “


Special Thanks to Mr. Moonlight for the kind words, opportunity and support.

only 45 copies left for ” father chains ” cd , grab your personal copy while you can here ;

ave !





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